Get Cash For

Believe me when you are online you are generating money for others, now if others are getting paid because of you, then you should also be paid a bit out of that, it is the basic concept of many sites like Google, pay per click and other sites like freelancer. Earning money over internet is […]

Laser Writer

When using the term laser printer or writer, the image that comes to mind is a tiny beam of light. Laser printers or writers are made for personal use or office use. They are not like the old printers that used jets to print on paper. When you use the term inkjet printer, it is […]

Why the first Wedding Anniversary is the Paper Anniversary

There are all kinds of conflicting reports about why the first wedding anniversary is one of paper. Looking through history, European countries seem to have been celebrating anniversaries for centuries, although the modern symbols that people use today as a measurement of time passed in a marriage are much differently perceived. One thing that is […]

Dad’s So Embarrassing

So Mack’s cheering his kid on at the intramural soccer game: “Go, kid, yeah!” When he came off the field he was all crabby (he came off the field “with his eyebrows down” as we say in our family). “What’s the matter, kid?” “You really embarrassed me, Dad. Yelling every time I touched the ball.” […]