Herbs that can be used for Salt Substitution

Do you want to use less salt but add more flavor to your meals? If you are watching your salt intake, herbs are a great salt substitution. They add very few calories but pack a whole lot of flavor. Here are some herbs that you can use to replace a portion of the salt in […]

Exotic Spices Worth trying

For some people, salt and pepper are the standard in home cooking. For a little kick they may add garlic powder or chili powder to certain dishes. That is all fine and well, but there are some folks that prefer to add a little international pizzazz to their culinary efforts. When trying to decide what to […]

How to Teach a Person about Cooking with Herbs

While cooking, herbs provide one the ability to create layers of flavor.  These range from subtle hints all the way to high intensity flavors. Not only are herbs wonderful by providing different flavors, but they can be used in different forms with different methods of cooking. There is a very wide variety of intensities of […]

How to Teach the Delights of Cooking with Herbs

A quote from John Gerard in 1597 in which he wrote that basil, “taketh away sorrowfulness and maketh a man merry and glade,” is as true today as it was four centuries ago. Herbs bring a satisfying sensory experience to food. They add flavor, scent and visual appeal. They make the plain extraordinary. Teaching people […]