Meditation and intuition

I always begin my day with a time of meditation, and that really helps me to get my attitude and thinking straight before I begin anything. I’ve been focusing on paying attention to my intuition, and as I read the intentions, I pay attention to what I feel my intuition is telling me. I sit […]

With a grateful heart

I found this good article from, which makes me a little. here is it as below: I am deeply grateful for each and every day of my life. I am surrounded by beauty and love and I appreciate each tiny thing that is good to the fullest because I now have a reference point […]

To OCSE Ambassador for ODIHR Cristian Strohal 2006

Adyghes (Circassians) are the indigenous nation in Northwestern Caucasus, – was spoken in the reference. – Folk customs, ceremonies, traditions, culture and the national language of Adyghean ethnos developed in this territory within millenia. The ancestors of the modern Adyghe-Abkhazes created the Maykop archeological culture dated the IV millenium B.C. Since the end of the […]

Kentucky Derby heartache

Why did I suggest horse racing was great family entertainment?So, under a great deal of duress, the Little Nutball finally agreed to allow us to pre-empt the replaying of Ruby Gloom so her dad and I could watch the Kentucky Derby, which we had recorded on the PVR Saturday afternoon. Fortunately (or perhaps not-so fortunately, […]