How to Make Homemade Pickling Spices

Pickling spices are so easy to mix up from ingredients found in most pantries, there is rarely a need to buy a commercial blend. This mix can be used for dill or sweet pickles. It will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks. This recipe makes about 1/3 cup. This blend is also wonderful to […]

Ways to Season Food without Adding Salt

Many people are joining the health food revolution and giving up certain unhealthy cooking habits such as the use of salt. There are so many foods that naturally contain sodium, yet people put additional salt into their foods. If you are looking to ditch the salt, but are unsure what to use in its place, […]

The Shelf Life of Spices

Spices are an important part of good cooking.  Most households have a rack full of spices, some that are seldom used.  Spices do expire and lose their flavor over time, and it’s important to know how long they last.  While using expired spices probably won’t make you sick, they will make your dishes have less […]

Popular Herbs and Spices used in Cooking

The pungent aroma of herbs and spices add a tantalising taste bud sensation to most dishes. Even some sweet foods are improved with the addition of a complementary spice. Herbs and spices may be added to almost any savoury dishes, from the basic addition of chopped chives in creamy scrambled eggs, to a selection of spices […]