Using Ginger in Cookery

Ginger is typically used in Asian dishes but can be used to complement a variety of styles. Personally, I enjoy pairing ginger with seafood. My favorite dish of this sort is ginger crab cakes with a ginger mayonnaise. I take some short cuts when cooking at home that I’ve included here. Ingredients:1 24 oz can […]

Basil Storage Tips and Culinary uses

Basil plant leaves are aromatic herbs used for seasoning and flavoring. It is quite sweet smelling as it belongs to the mint family. Fresh basil provides greater quality when preparing foods; however, it can be stored for its many culinary uses. Tomatoes are well paired with basil. It’s often a common ingredient in many tomato […]

A Guide to Hot and Spicy Peppers

Chile pepper enthusiasts seem to love inflicting pain on their own taste bloods. They are the ones who douse every meal with pepper sauce, or who instruct wait staff to “bring on the heat.” Well what makes these people so addicted to heat? Some say that they are simply attention seekers, while others attribute this […]

Different Types of Basil

While it is difficult to know the exact number of basil varieties due to the many hybrids in existence, there are estimated to be between 100 and 150. Basil is most commonly known as a culinary herb and perhaps even a decorative plant; however, basil varieties are also used in many cultures for healing and […]

How to Store and use the Herb Basil

If you have a sunny spot at your home, you may consider growing the herb basil.  Besides the distinct flavor basil produces, the plant itself will last longer once the flowers are snipped off.  After a while you can shake the seeds from the flower and use the seed to plant next growing season. Basil […]